May 17, 2016 Dining out

Entrepreneurs feed souls and stomachs with food tours

Three friends aim to promote Serbian cuisine and culture with their unique approach to tourism.

Food tour people coffee

Even coffee has international roots. Photo: Courtesy of Food and Culture Tour

Natalia Zaba

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Food tours have become a staple in the worldwide tourism industry in recent years, but the concept is new to Belgrade. Start-up Food & Culture Tour in Belgrade hopes to popularize the tours with innovative programmes that emphasize Serbia’s cultural heritage along with its cuisine.

“Foreigners are very aware of negative things in Serbia,” says 28-year-old Ana Novaković, one of the enterprise’s founders.

“Our aim is to show that there are plenty of things to please your soul in Belgrade, things that have been cultivated by many generations precisely because they’re good.”

Novaković founded Food & Culture Tour in Belgrade with her friends Jovana Travica and Đorđe Šumanović. At the beginning, their expectations were modest. They wanted to start something new, fresh and tourism-related, and were hoping that it might be viable after a long investment of hard work. The three friends invested €1,000, opened a company, and began offering food and culture tours in Belgrade. To their surprise, they found their investment repaid after just three months.

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