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An Alternative Tour of Belgrade’s Natural Charms

Inspired by ecology and ‘Monty Python’, Dejan Jevtic offers something completely different to the usual tours – an environmentally-conscious view of the city.

Jevtic wants to spread the idea of the permaculture lifestyle, not through words, but by example; to make more people see that there is another way to live their lives. Photo: Different Belgrade

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Four years ago, in the sleepy hamlet of Prnjavor in the foothills of mount Avala, some 16 kilometres south of downtown Belgrade, Dejan Jevtic started building his dream wooden house.

He built it on the principles of permaculture, which uses or simulates elements of natural eco-systems. Based on the idea of using natural resources rationally, permaculture building is designed to reduce as many of the possible effects of construction on the environment, with the overall goal of creating energy-efficient, long-lasting houses.

At the time, it was a way to change his own life, but more recently, Jevtic has started offering his view of an alternative lifestyle to visitors to the Serbian capital, providing them with the opportunity to experience a different Belgrade.

His tours are not of the city’s streets and buildings, but of its natural world.

Lasting from six to eight hours, they can include guided walks through the forest and visits to the most important monuments and locations on Mount Avala.

This includes entry tickets to the Avala television tower, which stands more than 200 metres high on the mountain, and an afternoon rest or an overnight stay at Jevtic’s Permacultural Eco House in Prnjavor.

Over welcome drinks before lunch, guests are given a short introduction to permaculture, followed by a home-cooked vegetarian meal, sports activities, and all the adventure they can take.

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