December 1, 2017 Belgrade

Belgrade Winter Warm-up

As winter really kicks in, Belgrade warms up for New Year’s with a full program of activities for the young and not-so-young through December and beyond.

The Republic Square transforms into "Open Heart Square" at 6pm, December 2. Photo:Flickr/tttaaaooo

Siri Sollie

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The city of Belgrade has so many activities as part of its “Belgrade Winter” program, the party doesn’t have to end when New Year’s Eve has come and gone. Starting December 1 and running until January 31, 2018, Belgrade city authorities promise a winter program “as never before”.

Belgrade Insight has gathered the key events and activities for the month of December and how to celebrate New Year’s in Belgrade.

Belgrade Christmas Market

Republic Square transforms into “Open Heart Square” at 6pm, December 2, as the Belgrade Christmas Market officially opens. The square will be decked out with small wooden houses presenting various local crafts as just one part of the market open until the end of January next year.

Open Heart Square will put on a range of winter activities including concerts and a small children’s carnival with merry-go-rounds, as well as stalls selling souvenirs, New Year’s decorations, toys and much more. The Christmas fairground will be a great place to get a drink, with various food and sweets also on offer.

The Fairy Tale Square

“Trg Bajki”, the Fairy Tale Square, will take place in front of the Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic cultural centre and theatre, next to the Zvezdara Municipality. From December 1 until January 1, 2018, various plays and stories of old will be performed, including Serbian fairy tales and others by the Grim Brothers. The fair will include stalls selling old Serbian handicrafts, as well as a small puppet theatre.

Christmas Village at St. Sava Cathedral

A new addition to the Belgrade Winter program, the Christmas village will be installed next to the Sava Cathedral. Opening December 4, you’ll have until January 28 to go.

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