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Belgrade’s Top 5 Veggie Fast-food Dishes

It’s not easy being a vegetarian in a country as meat-obsessed as Serbia, but Belgrade does have a lot to offer to vegetarians, even when it comes to fast food.

Tel Aviv Hummus House serves some of the best falafel in the city. Photo: Facebook/Tel Aviv Hummus House

David Galić

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While the options aren’t as plentiful for vegans, those who only avoid meat and still eat dairy and eggs can actually enjoy quite a few delicious and sometimes even quite decadent fast-food meals. Here’s where to start.

Falafel at Tel Aviv Hummus House

Carice Milice 3

This is an excellent Israeli-owned fast food joint that serves some of the best falafel in the city. Their falafel is prepared traditionally – by soaking the chickpeas overnight before grinding them, not cooking and mashing them. What separates Tel Aviv from the rest of Belgrade’s falafel shops is the sides and salads. They are interesting, well-prepared, innovative, healthy and nutritious. Couple all this with the fact that their hand-made pita bread is always fluffy and warm and you have the perfect falafel. If you’re tired of falafel, but still haven’t checked out Tel Aviv, try their deep-fried mushrooms or a simple hummus sandwich with fresh sides. They probably have the best hummus in town as well. Pro Tip: Hummus Bar, located at Beogradska 66, is owned by the same people and serves the same food as Tel Aviv, despite the slightly different branding.

Deep Fried Cheese at Žuća

Venizelosova 23

A bit off the beaten path but still in the centre of the city, Žuća is a modest-looking, run-of-the-mill street grill with a standard meat-lovers’ menu, but with one delicious twist. Their deep-fried breaded cheese is hands down the best you’ll have in Belgrade. While fatty cheese covered in breadcrumbs and soaked in searing oil may not be the healthiest thing one can eat, it does hit the spot after a long night of drinking and dancing as it soaks up the booze in your belly and gives you the energy boost you need to make it to your bed. As an added bonus, the sides and salads offered at Žuća are also a step above what most similar grills offer in terms of taste and variety.

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