September 25, 2016 Belgrade

Drivers stressed about lack of parking spaces

An insufficient number of garages and car parks and unfulfilled promises to build new ones have put the capital’s residents and commuters on edge.

The busy Dorćol neighbourhood is one of the most problematic districts of the city. Photo: BIRN/Ivana Nikolić

Ivana Nikolic

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“I spend 6 to 7,000 dinars [around €54-63] a month on parking only. I need my car every day so this is the only way,” says a middle-aged man standing in front of a tiny shop where he works in Cara Dušana Street in the Dorćol neighbourhood.

“It is expensive, but what can I do?” the man adds, going back into the shop as he sees clients approaching.

He parks his car close to the shop where he works, paying around 40 dinars per hour in a so-called ’green zone’ to which Cara Dušana Street belongs.

A green zone is one of three parking zones offered by the public utility company Parking Servis. They include up to 25,000 on-street parking places, some of which are time-restricted.

Apart from that, the company has also nine public garages and 17 car parks across Belgrade, with a total of more than 9,000 parking spaces.

But this is not enough for a city of more than 1,351,000 people, not including commuters from nearby towns and cities who work in the capital.

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