October 6, 2017 Business

‘Eco-Catastrophe’ Landfill Set for Clean-Up

The Vinca garbage landfill, where methane gas fires burned for weeks earlier this year, will be renovated to address its environmental problems and enable it to become an energy source.
The Vinca landfill became an important public issue this spring when wildfires ignited the methane gas deep inside the landfill, starting a blaze which raged for weeks. Photo: Flickr/eileenmak


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Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali and representatives of a French-Japanese consortium of two companies, SUEZ Groupe SAS and Itoc I-Environment, signed several public-private partnership contracts in Belgrade on October 3 with the aim of solving problems with the treatment of waste at the Vinca landfill.

Mali said that the consortium will completely renovate the landfill in Vinca and at the same time solve its huge ecological issues, according to Danas newspaper.

It will also utilise the 50,000 tons of waste to produce heat and electricity.

Mali said that the public-private partnership agreement worth about 300 million euros is one of the most important to be been signed in Belgrade in decades.

“This is the how we are going to solve the problem that has tormented us for decades, but also open new employment vacancies,” he said.

The need for the reconstruction work became an important public issue this spring, when wildfires ignited the methane gas deep inside the landfill, and the blaze raged for weeks.

This caused public ire because city services were unable to get the fire under control, but even more so because of a press release issued by the Belgrade authorities which said that smoke coming out of the dump was not hazardous to locals’ health.

After the reconstruction work, Belgrade will have a facility for waste treatment which also produces power ecologically instead of the “worst ecological catastrophe”, Mali promised.

It is estimated that the renovation of the plant will take 32 months.

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