July 14, 2017 Arts

Edgar Degas’ Ballerinas Strike a Pose at SANU

One of the biggest art scene events in Belgrade this summer will undoubtedly be the exhibition of renowned French impressionist, Edgar Degas.

In visiting this exhibition, Belgraders can transport themselves back into that era and hopefully feel the excitement of living in a world in which the future seemed so bright and promising. Photo: Galerija SANU

David Galić

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Celebrated French impressionist Edgar Degas is one of those painters whose work is well known even to those who don’t necessarily know a lot about art. Most famous for his ballerinas, Belgrade enthusiasts will be able to see plenty of his graceful dancers on display at the city’s SANU Gallery.

The exhibition, titled Edgar Degas: Moments of Observation, is being organised in cooperation with the National Museum in Belgrade and the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts – SANU.

For those who don’t know (and, given the Museum’s seemingly permanent state of closure for renovation, it’s unsurprising), the National Museum boasts an impressive collection of Degas’ work.

The exhibition primarily consists of paintings and works that are part of the museum’s permanent collection. These pieces are mostly drawings and monotypes – works on paper. In addition, the audience will be able to see firsthand the artist’s early incursions into the world of photography.

In late 19th century Paris, photography was a brand new, exciting medium that promised a lot in terms of artistic expression and technical delivery. Like so many other artists of the same era and the same cultural background, Degas was excited and inspired by photography, and used it to explore, analyse and eternalise the fast-moving, dynamic, rapidly changing world that was Europe at the turn of the century.

In visiting this exhibition, Belgraders can transport themselves back into that era and hopefully feel the excitement of living in a world in which the future seemed so bright and promising.

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