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Hop Inside: Belgrade’s Top Beer Spots

Summer is here, and these three relaxing beer venues will help you cool down – and get up to speed with the Serbia’s fast-moving beer scene.

Gunners Pub, close to Studentski Trg, is a perfect spot for a beer in town. Photo: Courtesy of Gunners Pub

Gunners Pub, close to Studentski Trg, is a perfect spot for a beer in town. Photo: Courtesy of Gunners Pub

Branimir Milic

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In recent years, the beer scene in Serbia, especially in Belgrade, has changed drastically in terms of what is on offer. From having to choose between various bland-tasting beers produced on an industrial scale, all quite similar to each other, now there is  the option of sampling not only some great imported beers but also a lot of local craft ones whose quality is improving steadily.

Here we bring you a few standout places where you can enjoy these new developments on the Serbian beer scene.

What sets them apart are wonderful settings that are as important as the quality of thedrink in your hand.

Beer on a boat: Brodic na Savi

The first really warm days after the winter are usually celebrated by some Belgraders with an outing to Brodic na Savi [The Little boat on the Sava] for a few rounds of beers.

One of the city’s most loved places, it is vibrant from early spring all the way to the autumn.

Located on the Sava just behind the Belgrade Fair, at Savski kej bb, it is easily accessible by foot from the parking lot of Fair, or, ideally, by biking along the waterfront.

It blends into the surroundings of the still undeveloped part of the riverbank – and therein lies all its charm. A patchwork of small barges all connected with what is, or once was, a small boat, the sunshades stretched over the tables tell you from the get-go that this place is laid back.

They offer a variety of beers, but here you have to go with Paulaner’s Weissbier.

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