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Friendly, eclectic and unpretentious – Mayka is the vegetarian/vegan restaurant Belgrade has been waiting for.

As far as the menu is concerned, Mayka is technically a vegetarian restaurant that also offers vegan dishes. Photos: Facebook/Mayka

David Galić

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When it comes to vegetarian and especially vegan restaurants in Belgrade, most people expect the same thing: a sterile, new-agey ambience, bland aromas and generally uninspired menus and wine lists.

However, Mayka has been able to break out of all these stereotypes and prove to even the most sceptical of diners that vegetarian and vegan restaurants don’t have to be boring both in terms of visuals and taste.

The first great thing about this restaurant/lounge bar that hits you is the location and the atmosphere. Located in the central Kosančićev Venac part of central Belgrade, the warm and inviting interior and exterior design of the locale evokes associations with Parisian bistros.

Love, warmth and comfort are the main leitmotifs of this restaurant, both in terms of what it offers in a culinary sense and in the general atmosphere of the restaurant.

The interior succeeds in making you feel at home and intrigued, with its very eccentric and detailed design combined with its complete lack of arrogance and pretension. During the summer, there’s also a garden area in front that is surrounded with flowers and plant life, which makes it an enjoyable place to dine outside despite the fact that it’s located right on a main street that leads to Belgrade’s busiest traffic hub, Zeleni Venac.

As far as the menu is concerned, Mayka is technically a vegetarian restaurant that also offers vegan dishes. As you walk in, you’ll probably catch the scent of curry, ginger and other spices that are most commonly associated with Indian food. However, Mayka’s menu is much broader.

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