February 9, 2018 Now and Then

Prize-Winning ‘Green’ Mural Unveiled

Two Belgrade Architecture students have won the Nis Green City – New Energy prize for their mural in Pop Lukina street.

Sara Antov and Dragan Vukovic working on the mural in January. Photo: Alexis Traussi

Alexis Traussi

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The end wall of an apartment block on Pop Lukina street near Belgrade’s Savamala district has become a giant canvas for Sara Antov and Dragan Vukovic, two 23-year-old masters students from the city’s Faulty of Architecture.

Antov and Vukovic’s mural design won the Green City – New Energy competition, which was sponsored by NIS in cooperation with the City of Belgrade. The duo beat entries submitted by more than 40 individual artists and groups during the month-long competition held in December, also winning the 1000-euro (120,000 dinars) prize.

The apartment block was picked to host the mural because of its proximity to one of Nis’ many gas stations in Belgrade.

“We are architects and this is the first time we have done something like this. We saw the call to the public on our university website and it sounded interesting because it was a new challenge for us. It is connected to architecture, but it isn’t something we do every day… you can have more freedom with this so that is why we decided to create this mural,” says Antov.

As Antov and Vukovic had never worked on a mural before, they took their time when it came to settling on the design.

“We did a lot of research about murals and techniques and we thought about the place and context and everything. It is a mixture of everything,” says Antov.

The Green City – New Energy competition invited artists to submit designs that commented on and brought attention to the future of Serbian technology and the environment.

“In order for us to properly salvage a city that is built for its residents, we need to focus on its future on a daily basis. This includes caring for green surfaces, public spaces, neighbourly relations and the overall health of the community,” read the public call for entries on the Nis website.

Antov and Vukovic’s design features a giant leaf with a cityscape at the foot of the mural, which they believe incorporates all the themes set out in the competition’s guidelines.

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