May 19, 2017 Belgrade

Pubby’s Magic Garden

One of the best things about Belgrade nightlife is that there are many bars and clubs around the city that are hidden from view, just waiting to be discovered.

The fact that Pubby’s is a bit of a hidden gem is probably what gives it such a cool yet relaxed atmosphere. Photo: Filip Arsić.

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Pubby’s Magic Garden isn’t all that easy to spot, despite the fact it is located right in the heart of downtown Belgrade.

The pub can be found across the street from Republic Square, in the big glass Staklenac building. Few people know about Pubby’s because it’s tucked away in a little courtyard area of the building that not many visit.

To get to Pubby’s, you need to go through the passage way located right next to the famed Trg pizza spot that is open 24/7. Once you reach the courtyard, you’ll see a small house in the courtyard area that looks as if it really has no business being there. That’s Pubby’s.

It’s pretty small and can probably accommodate about 50 to 70 people inside, with perhaps another 30 outside in front of the bar when the weather is nice. However, it is nicely arranged so that it never seems to be very cramped and, even when there’s no seating available, you can comfortably circulate around the pub.

One of the most interesting things about Pubby’s is the interior, which has a very oriental vibe that you probably wouldn’t expect from the outside. With oriental decorations hanging from the ceiling, rugs on the wall and many other details designed in that style, it actually looks like you’re in Istanbul, not Belgrade.

The fact that Pubby’s is a bit of a hidden gem is probably what gives it such a cool and relaxed atmosphere. Most of the people who hang out at Pubby’s are regulars and, despite the fact that there’s no real demographic that the bar panders to, everyone seems to get along very well.

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