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Running for Your Life in the City

The fashion for running is sweeping Belgrade – and here are our favourite five runs for you to get in shape.

Running is becoming increasingly popular in Belgrade, with as many as 28,000 competitors taking part in the races during the Belgrade Marathon in April this year. Photo: Beta

Srdjan Garcevic

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In line with global trends, health-conscious Belgraders are increasingly turning to running to burn off their excess bureks and cevaps before the summer.

More and more Belgraders are joining running teams, such as Belgrade Urban Running Team and Belgrade Running Club, and the number of races in the city is growing.

This year’s most notable addition will be the BEG5KRunway, a five-kilometre midnight sprint on the airport runway, which is on June 3.

To help you get on track, here are five of our favourite running paths in the city.

Tasmajdan [500 metres, tartan track]

Probably the most convenient option for those living in the city centre is the 500-metre tartan track in Tasmajdan Park, with lovely views of St Mark’s Church. The good news is that the track is in good condition, goes through a shaded part of the park and has a decent slope. Those who want to stretch or do pull-ups can make use of the gym next to it, which also offers great views over Tasmajdan Stadium.

The bad news is that it tends to get crowded in the afternoons. You should also watch out for inconsiderate parents who allow their children to play on the track – so best consider it in the evenings, or the early morning.

Ada Ciganlija [7.7 kilometres, paved]

This circular track around Belgrade’s favourite artificial lake is a good choice for hot summer days, as you can take a dip in the lake to cool off after your run. While the main track allows you to cover a decent distance without feeling like you’re trapped on a hamster wheel, those who like to explore further can use many paths from the main circuit.

The only downside is that the track can be unbearably busy at weekends. You should also prepare to dodge waiters from the cafés lining the lake’s shore. The track is mostly flat, which is great for beginners, but limiting for those wanting uphill runs.

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