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Sandy, Sunny and Local

Who says you must cross the border to enjoy sand and sun this summer? Belgrade Insight explores Serbia’s resorts.

The Drina regatta is one of the most popular events during the summer months in Western Serbia. Photo: Flickr/Trip & Travel Blog

Siri Sollie

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While Serbia lacks the widely-renowned coastlines of Croatia or Montenegro, there are plenty of places to travel to around the country for sun and an outdoor swim.

Known to most Belgraders, but not frequently visited, are the sandy Danube beaches at “Bela Stena” (White Rock) near Pančevo, some 10 kilometres northeast of Belgrade.

The island is a hidden pearl located on the eastern bank of the River Danube, and some might argue that the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Danube are located here. The island can only by reached by boat, but if you don’t have access to your own, there are organised shuttle boats that leave from the marinas in Višnjica and Pančevo during the summer months.

What makes Bela Stena special is the long sandy beaches that are both clean and tidy, in contrast to some of the more frequently visited river islands in close proximity to Belgrade, for example Ada Ciganlija and Lido in Zemun. Because of the green vegetation covering the island, there is also plenty of shade for cooling off on hot summer days.

The water at Bela Stena is relatively shallow, which makes it a perfect destination for families with small children as they can safely enjoy hunting shells and rocks. However, it’s best to be a little cautious still, as the Danube stream can run very quickly.

If you would like to make a weekend out of it, you can find several summerhouses at which you can spend the night. You will also find a selection of restaurants at which you can enjoy a pleasant meal between all the sunbathing and refreshing dips in the water.

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