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Spring Breaks From the City with Kids - Belgrade InsightBelgrade Insight

April 11, 2018 Health and family

Spring Breaks From the City with Kids

From ethno villages to luxurious spas, Serbia has plenty to offer families seeking a weekend out of the town.

From ethno villages to spa centres with kids’ corners, there is something for everyone seeking an active weekend – in educational terms. Photo: Pixabay

Ivana Nikolic

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After a long, cold winter, you are surely happy that you can finally enjoy some nice weather outdoors with your children. In Belgrade, there are plenty of parks to head to, while you can also visit nearby Mt Avala, which is only 23km from the capital.

But if you are bored with the city and everything it offers, try escaping it for a weekend. There are lots of nice places to visit in Serbia; it all depends on what you and your family are fond of most.

Belgrade Insight has prepared a list of interesting places you might consider visiting. From ethno villages to spa centres with kids’ corners, there is something for everyone seeking an active weekend – in educational terms.

Ethno villages 

If you want a relaxing and educational weekend, then ethno villages – small, rural tourist destinations evoking by-gone times and springing up around the country – are for you. Built in classic, rustic style, some of these quaint villages immerse visitors in forgotten customs: sleeping on huge wooden beds covered with traditional Serbian cilim,or rugs; and eating local cuisine prepared in simple, time-honoured ways.

Suncana Reka is one of those small places you can visit over the weekend. Located close to the town and spa of Banja Koviljaca in western Serbia, you can overnight in the small wooden cottages which all have nice yards in front. While you can enjoy Pilates and fitness programmes, your kids can choose from a number of attractions: the amusement park, sport terrains, horse riding, boat and float-driving on Zvornik lake, and more. Together, you can take one of the various guided walking tours.

Another village worth heading to is Ethno Village Tiganjica, which is in the village of Stajicevo in the northern province of Vojvodina, close to the town of Zrenjanin. Built in the traditional style of Vojvodina’s Banat region, it has six rooms and a big farmyard where you can try your hand at cooking traditional stews and fish soups.

Here you will also get a chance to listen to traditional music from Banat, known as tamburasi.While you can ride a horse, your kid can ride a pony, as there are several ponies in the village. Apart from that, kids will especially love the playground with slides and trampolines.

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In addition to detailed analysis and coverage of political, economic and business affairs, Belgrade Insight provided its readers with everything that expatriates, short-term visitors and local residents need to know in order to enjoy this great city.

It the past decade, it saw many changes in Serbia’s political and cultural climate: from the deep recession of early 2010s to Serbia’s candidate status in the EU, through Belgrade’s first Eurovision song contest and re-opening of city’s museums.

Although Belgrade Insight will no longer be printed, BIRN journalists and associates will continue their coverage of Belgrade and Serbia through the Balkan Insight website.

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