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Tapping Into Belgrade’s Best Craft Breweries

Craft breweries in the city are increasingly opening their tap room doors, so you can enjoy the produce at the source

David Galic

Inside Dogma Brewery in Cukarica. Photo: Courtesy of Dogma Brewery

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One of the most rapidly growing independent industries in Serbia is craft beer production. Ever since Kabinet, Serbia’s first ever craft beer brewery, opened in 2014, the scene has grown exponentially every year.

At about the same time, the first beer bars catering to a non-industrial beer scene started popping up in Belgrade.

The first was Samo Pivo, then Miners Pub, then the beer store/bar Pivopija in Zemun. Dozens more quickly followed.

Then breweries started cropping up. With the craft beer culture in full swing, there are now breweries located in the city that have tap rooms or adjacent bars attached to them. Here, fans of independent beer culture and come and sip the suds right from the source.

Dogma (Radnicka 2, Cukarica)

The most accomplished establishment of this type is without doubt Dogma Brewery.

One of Serbia’s most popular microbreweries, Dogma has grown fast over the last two years. It also has the most impressive tap room in Serbia.

Located across the highway from the popular Ada Ciganlija city beach, Dogma’s brewery is a converted warehouse that can easily be mistaken for an American craft brewery.

The interior is well executed; bare brick walls and wooden tables and seating complete the “rustic” look. The best thing about the taproom is that a glass wall separates it from the actual area where the beer is being produced.

If he is around, Dogma’s co-owner and head brewer, Vladimir Stojkovic, will be happy to give you a tour of the facility.

Obviously, all of the brewery’s beers are available on tap or in bottles at the bar; the tap room even has a kitchen. Typical bar food is served – burgers, sausages, ribs. The food is just as good as the beer.

Kompas (Bulevar Peka Dapcevica 240, Kumodraz)

While no other breweries with taprooms are quite as impressive as Dogma’s, others are definitely worth a visit.

One is Kompas, in Vozdovac, a bar that serves its own homemade beer. While production here is on a smaller scale than Dogma’s, it’s a great “off-the-beaten-path” place to visit with an excellent vibe.

What is also interesting is that the brewery is owned by an American ex-pat, Jason Paul, who came to Belgrade after getting married to a Serb.

You can sample the high-quality California-style IPAs and lagers at Kompas that are Paul’s personal recipes.

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Belgrade Insight to be integrated into Balkan Insight

After a 265 issue run, Belgrade Insight, BIRN’s bi-weekly Belgrade-focused English-language newspaper, printed its last paper edition on Friday 21 December, 2018. 

In its decade-long life since 2008, Belgrade Insight sought to bring quality journalism to its readers and subscribers.

Belgrade Insight covered political and economic developments in Serbia, but also told stories about people, businesses and events which shaped a unique and multi-faceted city like Belgrade.

In addition to detailed analysis and coverage of political, economic and business affairs, Belgrade Insight provided its readers with everything that expatriates, short-term visitors and local residents need to know in order to enjoy this great city.

It the past decade, it saw many changes in Serbia’s political and cultural climate: from the deep recession of early 2010s to Serbia’s candidate status in the EU, through Belgrade’s first Eurovision song contest and re-opening of city’s museums.

Although Belgrade Insight will no longer be printed, BIRN journalists and associates will continue their coverage of Belgrade and Serbia through the Balkan Insight website.

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