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About Town with Srdjan Garcevic

Srdjan Garcevic is a writer, coordinating editor of Belgrade Insight, and the founder of the Nutshell Times blog and Pokretaci podcast.

Srdjan Garcevic

Srdjan Garcevic

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I am an early riser, and as I recently discovered the joys of working out, I like to be active as soon as I wake up. In the summer, I love cycling or running by the Danube. However, when it gets cooler, I go to the Iron Republic Gym (Bulevar despota Stefana 68c). I often grab my breakfast there – a protein treat – and head for coffee at my local café – Uzitak (Hilandarska 4).

On weekends, my family and I have a tradition of going for Belgrade’s best croissants at Mandarina (Gracanicka 16) and grabbing cappuccinos at nearby Koffein (Cara Lazara 13). Every once in a while, ideally on cold, grey lazy days, I let myself go and have cheese burek at my local bakery, Micic (Svetogorska 48) and wash it down with yoghurt.


Luckily, I am quite flexible with my work, so often I can spend my afternoons doing what I love most: walking around Belgrade and taking photos. My favourite route is from central Belgrade to Gardos in Zemun, past the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Friendship Park. I also enjoy checking out the city’s galleries and museums. Eugster (Viline Vode BB) in the old docks usually has great contemporary art, and I also like the Museum of Applied Arts (Vuka Karadzica 18).

During workdays, I often meet my friends and colleagues at Mornar (Decanska 2) for cevapi. But if I have more time I like to go to my favourite kafanas – Mala Slavija (Makenzijeva 2), Durmitor (Omladinskih Brigada 16a) and Uzelac (Pastroviceva 2).


Unlike most of my friends I’m not a clubber and hate going out – Belgrade’s nightlife is completely wasted on me.

If I am seeing friends, we tend to hang out in Zaokret, Sprat (both in Cetinjska 15) or Meduza (Gospodar-Jevremova 6). Occasionally, we go for dinner somewhere relaxed like Majstor and Margarita (Balkanska 16) or Cevap kod Dekija (Strahinjica Bana 71).

Although I don’t do it as often as I would like to, I love going to the cinema, especially to catch some of Belgrade’s great film festivals: Auteur Film Festival (in November) or Fest (in Feburary). I love central cinemas, like Dvorana Kulturnog Centra (Kolarceva 4), Dom Sindikata (aka Kombank Dvorana, Decanska 14) or Tuckwood (Kneza Milosa 7a).

Another great alternative to going out for me is hitting a sauna and swimming. My favourite places to do that are Tasmajdan (Ilija Garasinana 24) and Milan Gale Muskatirovic (Tadeusa Koscuskog 63). If I have to go out, then I prefer craft beer places like Kas (Pregrevica) or Kompass (Bulevar Peka Dapcevica 240).

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Belgrade Insight to be integrated into Balkan Insight

After a 265 issue run, Belgrade Insight, BIRN’s bi-weekly Belgrade-focused English-language newspaper, printed its last paper edition on Friday 21 December, 2018. 

In its decade-long life since 2008, Belgrade Insight sought to bring quality journalism to its readers and subscribers.

Belgrade Insight covered political and economic developments in Serbia, but also told stories about people, businesses and events which shaped a unique and multi-faceted city like Belgrade.

In addition to detailed analysis and coverage of political, economic and business affairs, Belgrade Insight provided its readers with everything that expatriates, short-term visitors and local residents need to know in order to enjoy this great city.

It the past decade, it saw many changes in Serbia’s political and cultural climate: from the deep recession of early 2010s to Serbia’s candidate status in the EU, through Belgrade’s first Eurovision song contest and re-opening of city’s museums.

Although Belgrade Insight will no longer be printed, BIRN journalists and associates will continue their coverage of Belgrade and Serbia through the Balkan Insight website.

For any questions or refunds contact Snezana Caricic ([email protected])